Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby Shower goodies

Hello everyone,
Bet you were thinking I would never post another craft! HUH! I was beginning to wonder. Well below I have a follow up to all the goodies I made for my niece's baby shower. It turned out beautiful and she loved it all.

I pray each of you who continue to come visit my sporadic posts will have a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy great food and family!

I am still in school, two more weeks after the Thanksgiving holiday then winter break WHOOT!

This first picture is the actual shelf above the food table! 

This is the sign-in sheets I made for her scrapbook, everyone at the shower signed-in and one is going to the hospital. 

 This second one is the actual picture I created for Landon (the new little one). It turned out adorable for her to hand in his room.
 This is the little flower arrangements we did to set around the shower in various places.
 This is my sweet Niece. Her mom made the corsage, and I made the little whale she placed on it to match everything else.


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  1. Oh the mommy-to-be is adorable! So great that she's got crafty family to do handcrafted things to make this time so special for her. Happy Thanksgiving, doll!


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