Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday...some true Faithfulness!

Hello Gals,
God has shown true faithfulness and love to our family yesterday. He showed that he still does miracles! My nephew (18) rolled his truck on his way to see my Dad...(My Dad and Momma M live in the MIDDLE of NO WHERE...LITERALLY!) My Nephew is leaving for College Friday morning and was going to see Dad before he began his college journey. His truck is totalled, he is really beat up, but Lord God Praise you! He is alive and no major damage! Seeing the truck site and hearing the details from the Department of Public safety, he is safe and a home tonight! A true miracle!!! Love those you love today, forgive those you haven't! Life is to short to take that chance!

Now on to my projects, I created these for a SCS swap I was in for Rolodex cards. You place the Rolodex cards in a holder and these make great gifts for friends and family, they are great devotions for bedrooms, offices, desks, etc...

I hope you enjoy these!

Blessings to each of you...I am thankful for each one of you who visit me here everyday.




  1. Oh man - that sounds scary; glad he walked away from that for sure!
    Rolodex cards - what a great idea!....and I miss that brown PTI paper.....that was a great collection!

  2. So well said! I hope your nephew continues to heal and is back at school soon. Praise God he's okay!

    OH and your rolodex cards are wonderful!


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