Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tag Tuesday! :-)

How are you today?

Hope Monday was good to you, and Tuesday will be even better! If it wasn't good to you, then maybe TUESDAY will be better. :-) We can always hope, right?

Its been rough around here with this 17 year old know it all we live with! OH LORDY they are tough! Things in this world just are out a control!!!

Well, enough of my whinning...***HEHE*** On to what I created for a tag book swap I joined over on SCS.

The Blue side is the back of the tag, then you see the group of all the tags, then finally the front side of the tag. Hope they like them, I love the birdie papers ***giggle***.
This should be a great little giftie for someone. Its a scripture/Christian tag book, the requirements were for Faith, Hope, and Love theme...with the eyelet having to be the large or extra large size, so that a binder ring will go through it, this way it will make a cute little tag book.
Well, enjoy...this day and love those around you!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Monday!

Good Monday to you all!

Well today I have the last piece of what "Charlie Meeker" recieved all his goodies in, and the card that went to mom and dad!

I had a great time making up this little set for them, and they loved it! Dad even posted pics on FaceBook! hehe

I am including the bag and the card today....

Really Really busy today, working on some swaps I need to get out of here! :0 I will give you a peek at them tomorrow! ;-)

For now, have a fantastic Monday afternoon!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

May your day be blessed!

***SUPER SUNDAY to you all!***

Well here are some more little gifties for the Meeker's little boy Charlie. I created this little accordion book for pictures. We all know first baby has tons of those! **giggle** I think they will enjoy this, and I placed his name on the little box holder as well. I also sent some extra matching papers so they could add to it as they wanted.

Hope they enjoy it! Off to Church this morning! Have a blessed Sunday and enjoy those you love!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Saturday Morning!

YIPPEEE It's Saturday!

As I promised in yesterday's post, I am going to share a little something I created for the Meeker's new little boy! I swiped these pictures when "daddy" posted them on facebook, right after Charlie was born. I simply printed them up and then framed them, from there I just cut out the letters on my Cricut and glued them on! Simple as that! I have a few more things to show you that all go together with Charlie's gifts tomorrow! :-)

Have a great Saturday everyone!


Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello everyone,
Well I am really glad it is Friday and this week is coming to and end. This has been the week from hades!

Just a few examples, I pulled the water hose to hard and broke the hose bib thing off, (of course my dearest hubby is working out of town right now!), the 2 boys fixed that before church on Wednesday night, then we come home Wednesday night, and WOW! NO HOT WATER! :0

So we all worked on that till 2AM, with hubby on the phone...to no success. Hubby really believed it was the thermostat, so he would fix when he got home on Friday! :-) Well, well, guess what...We had to have a brand NEW one :-) OH YIPPEEE! See what I mean, and that is just a snap shot of the week, so I am glad hubby is home...and blessed to have hot water again!

I did get a little project completed this week, it has several parts, so the first one today is the tooth fairy pillow! My mother in law makes these and I so love them. It has a little pocket on back for the child to place a tooth in, then the tooth fairy to put the money in...adorable! So she made this one for my youngest son's boss (Dave in Chicago). I created many many things to go with it, so you will have to come back here tomorrow, to see more goodies! That I made **WINK WINK**

Have a great Friday evening!


Monday, April 19, 2010

I got a real DEAL!

Good Morning!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I got to enjoy time spent with my Grandaughter, Kyla. It's been a while since we have gotten her, so her Daddy and I drove down and picked her up on Thursday. Though it was a long drive, it was so worth it. he is a gem!

While we were there, we ran by drug emporium to pick a RX, and low and behold, I found a great deal on these frames! $1.25 each!!! WOOOO. I picked up all 6 that they had, which was fantastic, because I have a swap on SCS I am in for some framed art. I had some frames, but was not really pleased with them.

The ONLY catch to these "cheapy" frames was that they all said GRADUATE! As I was looking at them, it was on the inside edge, so the mirror reflects the words...so low and behold I decided that I could use ribbon to cover that up...and make a fantastic piece of framed scripture...so there ya go! WaLa! A master piece is born! **giggle**
Hope you enjoy my little creations, excuse the pictures...try to photograph mirror is nearly impossible!

Have a blessed Monday!


Monday, April 12, 2010

GOOD Monday!

Good morning everyone!

I am sharing a little candle I made for my mother-in-law this morning. She loves green, so I added some detail to this and also covered some tea lights, which she loves as well, with the matching paper.

She just thought that was so special, and funny thing is, it was so so easy!

I love the look and it matched here house, so she was thrilled! ;-)

I have a busy day today, going to meet a crafty buddy for lunch, as we have been trying to exchange Christmas presents since before Christmas!!! Good greif, life is just to busy!

May you each have a great Monday...and be you! :-)

Friday, April 9, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!
Do you have big plans for the weekend? I plan on cleaning this house! ;-/ 
Well, here is the bag and little gift I promised from yesterday's post. Since our son turned 17...and he is quite the REBEL....I just had to use my "Dazzler" to make him some boxers with that on the hiney! hehe He turned really red when he opened them at the table last night at the cafe’! hehe Serves him RIGHT! 
As for the bag, I made it to match his card, it turned out pretty neat looking. 
We took him to a place in a little town called Round Top, Texas (Its between Austin and Houston) This place has AMAZING food, and they are known for their pies! If you are ever in Texas and want a great place to go, you must check it out! Royers Cafe in Round Top, Texas
Have a great weekend...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A 17th Birthday card

Howdy out there!

Well yesterday was my youngest sons 17th birthday! WOW! Kinda of bitter sweet! :-) ;=(

Any-who, I created this little card for him and the bag matches it. To cute, but the pictures of the bag and one other little gifty won't be posted till tomorrow, as he is getting the other one this evening...we are going out of town to see Dad (dear husband is working out of town for the last few weeks) and eat some dinner.
I love how his
little card turned out.

Have a happy Thursday....I am outa here! :-)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hope Easter was a Celebration

Hello Fellow crafters!

I hope each of you had a great Easter Celebration! I have lots of things to show you...so be ready!
First a few of the house decorations, my table and the Easter Tree.

I love the tree, as I always get a branch from the yard and spray it red (the blood of Jesus), then the eggs go on, (the new life of a hatched egg), butterflies (for the change from old to new ...caterpillar to butterfly). My table this year was very simple and clean, but very springy :-)! Light blues and yellows mostly.

I created each of the kids and their guests Easter pails.

Each had their own name tags, candy bouquet style pails with candies each stuck up on sticks. Also the 3 tags were for my niece's baskets for my sister in law.
They matched the colors of their baskets. All in all I got a lot of crafting done of the weekend, and used my Cricut TONS! Which was lots of fun!

As I said in my title, I hope each of you had a great time with family and friends and made Easter a true celebration. Happy Wednesday!


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