Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little gifty!

Hello friends!

Wow can you believe it! I actually was able to make my sister-in-law a necklace for her birthday!!! WHOOT! I am so excited. This is the front and back views, she can wear it either way. When all calms down around here again, and my mother moves to an apt...I will be able to begin creating everyday again!!! I cant wait!!!

Until then it will be small things. I began working on this back in December because I am not able to take time...but did get it finished ion time for her Birthday, which was the 14th, but we are having a party tonight for her and my hubby who is 40 today!!! :-)

Here it is, enjoy and let me know what you think!


Monday, January 4, 2010

HAPPY 2010!!!

Hello everyone, hope the start to your new year was great! Mine was really uneventful! We stayed home and James shoot fireworks for us, the blessing was our 16 year old and his bff came home and burnt a bon fire and shoot fireworks that was nice knowing they were home and safe. I am going to share a few Christmas Pictures with you and hopefully will get back to regular blogging soon! The first one is my Christmas tree, and the Christmas table setting, the third is my Grandaughter opening her gifts, and the last one is Sophie (Jory's friend), Jory (my 16 year old), Chasity (my son Jeff's wife), Jeffrey (My oldest son 23), Wes, (my daughter boy-friend 4 + years), Jamie (my daughter 22) Thanks for sharing a little Christmas time with me :-) and Happy Happy Blessed new Year to each of you!


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