Friday, February 27, 2009


Hope you all have a terrific FRIDAY! I weighed in for one of SCS swaps today and I have lost 4 LBS! whohoo!!!

I wanted to share my GORGEOUS poodles with you...hehe!(Dear husband is pretty darn cute too!) I did not get scrap yesterday, because I was redoing my grandaughter/extra room all day yesterday, still working on that...however I did get some little letters and stuff cut out on my now I can create today.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Terrific Thursday!

Good Thursday all!
I am off to take my poodles to the groomer today...yep all4! LOL They are so cute and smell great when they come home. But getting them there, well thats another deal! :-0

I enjoy yesterday with Mrs. Dorothy...she had a blast and we got her grocery bought. I however, got nothing done yesterday, stayed on the computer way to late and now today must clean this house and get some "crafting" done. I do have some boxes to fill up for my Secret Sistas in several swaps so they can mail on Monday....I have done the shopping, now to put them together. Hope you all have a terrific thursday...will post some goodies later~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ok, just another quick post. I have a friend who is Catholic, so she is "giving up" using curse words, one in particular for 40 days! Anyway, someone really downed her and pointed fingers at her for the person she is. If this person had known her a little better (I don't KNOW her that well!) she could have seen this Woman has a heart of gold. So, with that being said, she should have never passed judgement on her! When, I went to my daily devotion that I do everyday...the devotion today really fits this. What is it that that lady needs to work on, cause WE ALL have somethin'. So I just had to share this link...hope you enjoy and your day is the best!

Its Wednesday morning!

Rise and SHINE! hehe! Good morning all. 

Well yesterday evening I played a little more. I worked on a card for a very good friend of mine at Church who is having a major hard time right now. I hope she likes it! I got to use another REALLy cool image from my BOB SS (I don't know who makes this stamp, plaese let me know if you do?). I love these!!! 

Today, I am planning on going over to visit this sweet couple (+70) that we have kinda adoted today. She is blind (sees shadows only), and he has COPD and is on hospice. He is going (a friend is taking him)  into to have some nerves burned in his back, she needs to go to the store, so I will go over and hang with her for a while. They are so sweet...

We took ds out of private school yesterday, we will homeschool the remainder of the year, then to a great new school that just opened, they have great opportunity for him there. So, he went to spend the week with his Grandpa (my Dad). Grandpa is not doing well, so he is going to work and help him out while Grandma is out of town. 

It will be a full and busy day, but good. We have AWANA tonight as well....WHEW!

Have a great HUMP day all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well, I must say I recieved the BEST package yesterday evening from my "Battle of the Buldge" Secret Sis! She sent amazing things! I have been in my stamp room playing with some of them this morning!! Now you see, I am not a "fantasy" kind of girl. However, she sent me TONS of stamped images, all of them are the cutest, but there was one that is more "fantasy"'s a castle, I thought, OK, that will challenge me for sure! I have played a little with Watercolor, but never with pencils, I bought some cheapy ones at WM several months ago and so, this morning I sat down with that image, some SU markers and the watercolor pencils and went to work. I don't think it turned out bad for the first time ever doing something like this. I think I am going to give it to my niece for her 10th birthday! I am going to post 2 images, one is just the card front, before I finished out the card, seems the color in the picture came out better on that one, then the other one is the finished card, but the color looks off some....Let me know what you think. 


Monday, February 23, 2009


Hope you have a super Monday. Here is the card I mentioned yesterday...Thank You to the lady at Church. Also is the LOTW Inspiration/Motivation swap on SCS. The E is for LIVE and the H is for Friendship. I am off to have my hair done FINALLY after I take ds to school...that always make me feel better!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Sunday! Everyone. Hope your day is gorgeous and blessed! So far today has been strange to say the least. DH is tierd so therefore GRUMMPY....DS is teird from his party last night is just turdy (is that a word?lol) Anyhow, it is really nice weather here today. We went to Sunday School & Church this morning, then home for some lunch (the left over Brisket from yesterday!) YUMMY! 

I did get to make a card for a sweet lady at Church before we left this morning. It was a thank you, because while I was out sick she sent me the sweetest card. I use what was left over from yesterday's bday card and whipped it up. I will post it in a little while....

 Enjoy...and enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Well, its turned out to be a busy Saturday! I went Archivers, cut the set of letters I needed, then to Lowes for the paint for DH (bathroom redo), then to PO AGAIN to mail off a swap....Home, created ds a little gift and card set for a 15 year old girl, SUPRISE bday party tonight...took him to the party about 6:00 (42 miles one way from our house! :-0) and wont get to pick up till 11:00...I would love to go crawl into bed...OH WELL! He will be 16 in April...however, I dont think that will be any better!!!!

Anyhow, I am posting the little card and gift I did for Allyssa. I think she will like it, and of course there is also cash in the that will be the hit! LOL

Enjoy looking and let me know what you think. Have a super night!


Well its back to Archivers this morning. I have some paper I am going to go pick up. I also want to cut out a few letters while I am there. I will check back in later with you chicks! Have a super duper Saturday!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Night...WHEW!

GOOD EVENING! Well, today I was up and out early. 

Took DS to school, then they called me before I got out of the parking lot and said he could not stay, he had fever the last time at 11:00 am yesterday, but policy says he must be fever free 24 hours. WHAT I seriously have my 15 YO DS with me and I was planning on being at Archivers at 8:30 this morning. We live in the country, so NO WAY I could take him back home!! Needless to say he gripped the entire time! ARRR

Anyway, dropped some swaps off at the PO and then to the grocery. (all with a gruppy teen!) Back home, long enough to put up grocery then back out with DH who came home early because we are remodling ds Home Depot, then home FINALLY! 

I go to clean my craft room and get away from those two for a while and wHAT he wants me to help him shoot texture...Lordy BEE!!! Once he was finishing up,I made dinner...then to my craft room FINALLY to continue work on is a mess....but WAY better now. I will post pictures soon. Before and afters....

I did do some shopping for some very special SECRET people today...found some great stuff...All in all a good day, just did not get to craft like I tierd off to bed. I will post some fun stuff tomorrow FO SHOW! Nightie night!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

OK now to show some stuff I did over this past weekend!

These are the two cards I mustered up doing while I was sick last weekend. The "monkey" card was for DH for Valentines Day. Inside it said "Lets Monkey around." :-0 LOL

The other card was for BIL birthday on Sunday, so DH took it over for me. 

Thanks for looking & Enjoy your day!

Good Thursday morning!

Good morning! Well, yesterday was awesome. I got so much accomplished in my house. The laundry room clean and organized, the kitchen clean, dusted and organized, and I ate well! WOO HOO! I am now on the mend. However, today DS(15) is home today with a sore throat, I so refuse to go check on him! LOL not really, but please I DO NOT want to be sick anymore! So this morning, up bright and early and created my six cards for a "Inspiration"/Bible Verse swap...its due next WEEK! :0) so I got them finished up. I used colors which I never use, I think they turned out well. Have a super Thursday! Tomorrow is Friday GIRLS! :-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is the pail I made and filled with spa goodies for my Pail swap on SCS. This was fun to make and I love how everything matches, and the colors. She said she really enjoyed it too!

Feb 6mth SS Swap

This is a picture of what my fantastic Secret Sis (6mth SS on SCS Swap) sent for my Feb gift. She is spoiling me rotten!

Happy "hump" day!

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are half way through the week. Well, I actually feel like this is the start of my week...I have been sick the last 3 weeks and it really stinks...but I really believe this time I am on the mend. I am going to post some projects I completed this past month later this afternoon. Be on the look out for it, and have a super day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Humble Beginnings

Ok, I have said I needed to do this for a while. So here goes. I am going to start blogging! LOL I will be posting things I am working on here, in my crafting world as well as updates to my swaps I am currently in on SCS. Hope you will come around and check from time to time. Have a Happy Valentines day all!

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