Saturday, February 19, 2011

I should be...but I am not in the mood! :-)

Hey gals!

Well, I SHOULD be doing homework! :/ Ugh Doesn't a girl get a break every once in a while LOL

I had all day at home...BY MY SELF! and I HAVE LOVED IT!

I really should have much more productive stuff, like housework, organizing, and HOMEWORK, but really I just talked on the phone, played on this computer and did a little housework....and made things and touching things up around here up a bit! C-:

I had this crazy idea for a ladder I purchased at a Flea market about 7 years ago, for a $1.50. I have had it leaned against a tree in our front yard ever since. But today...I BROUGHT IT IN MY HOUSE! I know, I know! Your has misfired in this brain of mine. But give me a minute and I will explain.

Soooooo....I brought it up on the porch, washed it down good, and sprayed a clear coat on it, to seal it. Brought it in and there you have it!

A really cute magazine holder, picture hanging and best of all it was FREE! Yay me! (Sorry, we have remolded the master bathroom, have not finished the master ignore the wall for ow. )

Have a terrific weekend, I get to go on a date night with Hubby tonight...going to see True Grit and dinner! woot! Its a good day!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

I am here! & I even made some Valentine goodies!

Hey everyone! Long time since I have been here! :( Makes me sad to not get to post much, but taking 17 hours of classes this semester I am just glad I get to sleep sometimes! Ha!

I have however been making a few things, so I thought I would share some special Valentine's I created for some of my bunch!

First off, at Everyday Cricut last week the guest designer, Carrie, had a super cute little gift I decided my Mother-In-Law, niece and grad-daughter all needed for V-day! I had some shrinky dink material on hand so I simply followed her directions and made them these super cute "I love You" pins (That's I love you in sign language!)

I also participated in my friend Michelle's First Valentine Gift Exchange. It was great fun. I sent a box of Valentine goodies to Cali, including a little handmade picture holder with LOVE on the front and a quick Valentines card. Here is a quick view of the goodies I sent my girl Hope she loved them!
Next up is a little banner I made for our house. It was quick and easy, and I have it hanging on our Antique desk in the living room. Its a fun little touch!

I have also been working on birthday stuff, so here is a bag I did for my Mother in laws bday and a little dry erase board I made for one of my niece's.
 Fun stuff and easy, quick and not so costly!

Wow, I have been doing something besides homework :) Hope this week is a blessing for each of you and that the weather is nicer than it has been for all of you and us! :-) Now I am off to do some more homework. :/ hehe It will all be worth it though!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

A quick Hello and a VERY talented friend!

Hello out there! I know, I know, I have not been here in a few is BACK! :-)
However, today I have been taking a little break, well if you call cleaning a little a break :/.

Anyway, I ran across one of my very favorite cards ever! It was from my friend Michelle. (You should really visit her site and check out here great coupon deals, her Esty bag and swag store, and her AMAZING cards.) :-) Soooo, I had this old frame laying around. Silver, does not match ANYTHING really unless I used it for Christmas decor stuff... perfecto!

I grabbed the Krylon paint, sprayed it white, took the insert out, and put Michelle's card in it! GORGEOUS!!!

Perfect for a little spot in my kitchen! So see, easy and cheap:-) But major impact!!! Thanks Michelle!

:-) Hope that inspires you look around and remake something today.

Enjoy the weekend! I am off to study somemore.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Heart" Day Wreath...FEATHERS! ;-)

Good Tuesday Morning all!
Hope your week is great! Me? Well I am getting stuff cleaned up, put up and ready to go back to school next week:-)

I am taking 6 classes this semester (yeah, I know...TORCHED!) But hey it will get me done that much quicker!

I have been working on some Valentine's Day goodness, as I want that stuff up before I go back. So today I am showing you the easiest thing I have evah made! REALLY!

I used a crochet hoop, a feather boa (red), some pink wire I had in my crafty cave, and some little gems (their hearts!, AWE) that I picked up at a garage sale last year for .10 a bag (there are 6 in each bag).

Wrapped the boa on the hoop, strung the gem hearts on to the wire and POOF! done...on the front door it goes!

Hope this gives you some I am off to clean some more...UGH.

handmade projectsta ta for now!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A SWEET Valentine for my Daughter!

Happy Weekend everyone!

So since I have been out of school I have really been getting to craft quite a bit! :-) YEAH! I also made a "GOAL" (I don't like the word resolution, I never can seem to keep those!) when the new year started to have crafting goals set every month, so hopefully I can be ahead of those Birthday's, Mother's day, Fathers day, etc... and not be doing them the night before! **cough cough**

So with that thought in mind, January is getting ready for Valentine's day. :-) I decided to make a little something for my daughter and her finance for their house. Their last name will start with an H so that is why there is an H on it! Brilliant I know ;-) (But I can also use it for the wedding candy table...**insert evil laugh**)

I think she will love love love it and it will be useful for them for years to come!!

So on to the project:

Materials list:
Pre-cut Vinyl or your own Vinyl cutting machine
round fish bowl ($1 store find)
planter tray
Krylon Black gloss spray paint
Gorilla Glue
Doll head knob (found a sack of these at Hobby lobby for $2.30) 
Black Bling dots
Zebra ribbon (cause the daughter love black and white, and the zebra print)

1.      Spray paint everything except the glass fish bowl.

2.      Use pre cut Vinyl or cut your own

3.      Put everything together with the gorilla glue and let set till dry  
              (about 24 hours)

4.      I did a second coat of spray paint at this point and then sealed it with           a gloss sealer. (I did cover up the glass bowl with painters tape.)

5.      Added the vinyl and sprayed one more time with sealer.

6.      Fill with candy and enjoy!

I hope this inspires you today to go and gather some goodies and get to work on your own DIY project!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little goodie holder

So for Christmas I did all handmade gifts for the family this year. My sister in law is super hard to create for, as she has everything and if not can go buy it!

But she is an amazing baker! So I decided she should have two, different size cupcake/goodies holders. I only have pictures of the tall one, as I was running crazy the last week and did not get the picture of the other one.  Their last name starts with a W, so hence the W in the center. I really think she loved it!!! and it cost me...less than $5 to make! :-)

Have a gorgeous Wednesday and 5th day of 2011....I am working hard on getting things organized and setup for school to restart on the 18th :-)

***EDIT*** To explain what I did...
The tall one is 2 dollar store candle holders (you know the little crystal looking glass ones for a dollar.) I glued them with E6000 (Small end to small end. Then I sprayed them with Krylon gloss black spray paint, then sealer...Then just added the little ruffle ribbon and bling after that was dry. The plate is a hard plastic plate I found at Target for a $1 each(I think you can find those at Walmart, Target, maybe even dollar store) It was scratched up so I coated it with a coat of Krylon glossy black (front and back) After that dried I used a W that is Vinyl placed it on there, then sprayed it really good with a sealer. After everything is dry you flip the plate and glue the large piece of the "stand" to the bottom of the plate. I used E6000 (Takes a good 24 hours to set each time...I am on the look out for a strong faster drying glass/metal/plastic glue) :-) Then the short one was the same, but just one of the little glass candle holders, spray painted.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

A little Christmas Whimsy and Crafting with the stars!

Happy day 2 of 2011!

Hope your day was terrific and that you are off to a great start! Today I am going to show a little whimsy style project I created for our easting tables at Christmas! Really they were adorable! I could think of a thousand different things to do with these to change them up too! ;-) (They are a little Dr Seuss looking, don't ya think?)

I am going to enter these in the Crafting with the Stars  contest! I think this will be great fun and really even more fun to watch!!!
Come on over and lets see what happens! :-)
Happy Sunday and more time!