Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Busy week full of "Misson's"

My has been another week. We had VBS at Church this week. I taught Missions this year, which I really enjoyed because I was able to see all of the kids during the day. But it made for a very busy week. My granddaughter is still here visiting and she had a blast at VBS, hopefully... though next week we can just enjoy some down time....Yeah right.

Its been SUPER hot here, 107!!! That is just crazy!

Here are a few pictures of my VBS room and the card I made for James from me for Father's day. Inside it says "I think your tractor's sexy." LOL He drives a tractor and does ranch work, so I thought that was pretty inventive of me! Ha

Tomorrow night is our VBS family night, my sweet grandaughter will be part of the program....hopefully relax time tomorrow as well between Church services.

Have a great Sunday....


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Sunday...enjoy those Husbands & Dads!

Good Morning all!
Getting ready early to leave for Dad's. He tore his shoulder completely and made a real mess of it! (tendons, muscle and all) Looks like surgery, but won't know a thing till atleast Monday/Tuesday. So we are going down to make a "mexican meal" for him and Moma M. It will be a nice day, as my sister and her 2 Grandkids (who are now her kids) will be there and my little brother and his son. Dad does not know they are coming, so he will be suprised! Dad is 78 and not in the best health, so this should be great for him.

Anyhoo...on to a little something I created for him. (I don't know who does this image, it came from a SS who was amazing and always sent great stamped images) He is a huge coffee drinker, and "quite" a bear at times, so I thought this little card was sweet. The litttle bag was made totally with my cricut, the bag, and the letter's. Its filled with his favorite candy peanut m&m's.

Enjoy your day and those your are with!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Be Blessed - Wednesday!

Good Wednesday MORNING!

Finally I am back with a little somethin to share.

I have been so busy busy! My sweet grandaughter is here now, so she and I will be creating her daddy somethin for Fathers day be on the look out for that.

For now I am going to share the card I made for the Sweet and Sassy Challenge. Create a CAS (Clean & Simple) card. It's over on the Yahoo group for Sweet & Sassy, and its for a chance for the card to be on the homepage for a month! The deadline is Friday the 19th, so what are you waiting on...get over there!

This was way harder than I thought. I want to add all the bling, ribbon, embossing, layers....LOL But I think she turned out pretty cute.


Monday, June 15, 2009

WHERE am I??

OH MY GOODNESS! I have got to get some stuff up for you to see!

Did you think I left the building? LOL Nope, just sooo much going on!!!

DS left for Colorado for our Church Camp on Saturday. I am still doing the workout boot camp 3 days a week...there is STILL stuff all over the house from the bathroom / craftroom and bedroom mess (see previous post of deets) making things is a challenge, once I get it made I am so tierd I have not been taking pictures. I promise to get some up real soon.

Going to get Grandaughter tomorrow (200 miles one way "-0)...and see my daughter while I am there. whew...all that while still trying to work at the church and get ready for VBS next week, I am the MISSIONS teacher for all ages!

Hope you are all having an amazing week, but I MUST go get in the HOT bath and go night night.


Monday, June 8, 2009


Good early morning Gals!

I am off to workout at "boot camp" at the gym in a few. This is part of why last week was so "odd" trying to get used to leaving the house at 5:00 AM to workout.

Let me show you some fun VERVE stuff I created for a swap yesterday. I used my big shot, and my NEW cricut!!! who hoo! These are for my Monthly Scripture Swap (6X6 pages)over on SCS. these are great to frame or make a monthly devotion for a gift with. I really like how the turned out.

I have some other surprises with some DIGIMENTS stuff, but that has to wait till the 13th, the new keep your eyes peeled for that. Meanwhile go visit them, there are contests and cool stuff up over there already!

Enjoy today, make the most of it, you are not promised tomorrow! I learned alot about this, this past week. My daughter and I were on the outs, she had a car wreck on Saturday afternoon, SHE IS FINE, her car is NOT... and we had just started talking again on Thursday! My oldest son (22 YO) & his wife had some of thier own issues! PRAISE the Lord, this week ended on a much better note than it started. But, the statement above is so true, so enjoy those you love RIGHT NOW!

Enjoy your week!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

IT's Sunday, have camera cord and I got a SS gift

OK, two second post here! LOL

Here is the wonderful SS gift I received from my "Holiday Skinny Bop" SS. We are only doing the SS thing for the summer months, then we will go back to goal rewards. I love these girls!!! They are all such neat friends. I am being spoiled by mine already!!!

Now I have to go back and work with James in the's almost done!!! WHOO HOOO, then next is my craft room, so we can move my stuff back in there instead of in the Living room, the sitting room and the dining room!!! HAAAAA! SERIOUSLY!

Have a great Sunday Evening!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Saturday...with NO PICTURES!

Well, my blogging friends...
I HAVE been creating, I HAVE been taking pictures, I HAVE received some great SS gifts I want to show you. What I HAVE NOT is the cord to my camera!!! DS borrows things and does not return them to their proper place. GRRR Soon I WILL find it, or he will be buying a new one! :-)

Things here have been very very busy, started a workout called "boot camp" this last week and its kicking my booty! She works us really hard, but hopefully that means some of this "ba donka donk" will exit soon! LOL

Ya'll have a great Sunday, and hopefully I will get to post some great stuff for you tomorrow.