Saturday, January 8, 2011

A SWEET Valentine for my Daughter!

Happy Weekend everyone!

So since I have been out of school I have really been getting to craft quite a bit! :-) YEAH! I also made a "GOAL" (I don't like the word resolution, I never can seem to keep those!) when the new year started to have crafting goals set every month, so hopefully I can be ahead of those Birthday's, Mother's day, Fathers day, etc... and not be doing them the night before! **cough cough**

So with that thought in mind, January is getting ready for Valentine's day. :-) I decided to make a little something for my daughter and her finance for their house. Their last name will start with an H so that is why there is an H on it! Brilliant I know ;-) (But I can also use it for the wedding candy table...**insert evil laugh**)

I think she will love love love it and it will be useful for them for years to come!!

So on to the project:

Materials list:
Pre-cut Vinyl or your own Vinyl cutting machine
round fish bowl ($1 store find)
planter tray
Krylon Black gloss spray paint
Gorilla Glue
Doll head knob (found a sack of these at Hobby lobby for $2.30) 
Black Bling dots
Zebra ribbon (cause the daughter love black and white, and the zebra print)

1.      Spray paint everything except the glass fish bowl.

2.      Use pre cut Vinyl or cut your own

3.      Put everything together with the gorilla glue and let set till dry  
              (about 24 hours)

4.      I did a second coat of spray paint at this point and then sealed it with           a gloss sealer. (I did cover up the glass bowl with painters tape.)

5.      Added the vinyl and sprayed one more time with sealer.

6.      Fill with candy and enjoy!

I hope this inspires you today to go and gather some goodies and get to work on your own DIY project!

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  1. Genius! This is super cool and I'm sure they will love it.

  2. LOL @ can be used for the wedding candy table....and don't forget the bridal shower - ha! Love all your crafty things...I think you have found your niche, girl!

  3. Oh how clever!!! I bet she will love it! Are you finished with school or just on break??

  4. She'll love it. So clever and super cute! Great job! :)


  5. Thanks so much for sharing your fun project.



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