Monday, June 15, 2009

WHERE am I??

OH MY GOODNESS! I have got to get some stuff up for you to see!

Did you think I left the building? LOL Nope, just sooo much going on!!!

DS left for Colorado for our Church Camp on Saturday. I am still doing the workout boot camp 3 days a week...there is STILL stuff all over the house from the bathroom / craftroom and bedroom mess (see previous post of deets) making things is a challenge, once I get it made I am so tierd I have not been taking pictures. I promise to get some up real soon.

Going to get Grandaughter tomorrow (200 miles one way "-0)...and see my daughter while I am there. whew...all that while still trying to work at the church and get ready for VBS next week, I am the MISSIONS teacher for all ages!

Hope you are all having an amazing week, but I MUST go get in the HOT bath and go night night.


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