Monday, June 8, 2009


Good early morning Gals!

I am off to workout at "boot camp" at the gym in a few. This is part of why last week was so "odd" trying to get used to leaving the house at 5:00 AM to workout.

Let me show you some fun VERVE stuff I created for a swap yesterday. I used my big shot, and my NEW cricut!!! who hoo! These are for my Monthly Scripture Swap (6X6 pages)over on SCS. these are great to frame or make a monthly devotion for a gift with. I really like how the turned out.

I have some other surprises with some DIGIMENTS stuff, but that has to wait till the 13th, the new keep your eyes peeled for that. Meanwhile go visit them, there are contests and cool stuff up over there already!

Enjoy today, make the most of it, you are not promised tomorrow! I learned alot about this, this past week. My daughter and I were on the outs, she had a car wreck on Saturday afternoon, SHE IS FINE, her car is NOT... and we had just started talking again on Thursday! My oldest son (22 YO) & his wife had some of thier own issues! PRAISE the Lord, this week ended on a much better note than it started. But, the statement above is so true, so enjoy those you love RIGHT NOW!

Enjoy your week!



  1. what a great little God and timing thing with the situation with your daughter...glad she wasn't hurt.
    Now what did you do with the Cricut - is that the flower part of this?


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