Saturday, January 29, 2011

A quick Hello and a VERY talented friend!

Hello out there! I know, I know, I have not been here in a few is BACK! :-)
However, today I have been taking a little break, well if you call cleaning a little a break :/.

Anyway, I ran across one of my very favorite cards ever! It was from my friend Michelle. (You should really visit her site and check out here great coupon deals, her Esty bag and swag store, and her AMAZING cards.) :-) Soooo, I had this old frame laying around. Silver, does not match ANYTHING really unless I used it for Christmas decor stuff... perfecto!

I grabbed the Krylon paint, sprayed it white, took the insert out, and put Michelle's card in it! GORGEOUS!!!

Perfect for a little spot in my kitchen! So see, easy and cheap:-) But major impact!!! Thanks Michelle!

:-) Hope that inspires you look around and remake something today.

Enjoy the weekend! I am off to study somemore.


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  1. ROTFL!! I had to do a doubletake to realize that was my card! What a way to save something...I love all these crafty house decor things you cost-effective and personal...just love it. Have a wonderful Sunday, dear heart!


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