Monday, February 14, 2011

I am here! & I even made some Valentine goodies!

Hey everyone! Long time since I have been here! :( Makes me sad to not get to post much, but taking 17 hours of classes this semester I am just glad I get to sleep sometimes! Ha!

I have however been making a few things, so I thought I would share some special Valentine's I created for some of my bunch!

First off, at Everyday Cricut last week the guest designer, Carrie, had a super cute little gift I decided my Mother-In-Law, niece and grad-daughter all needed for V-day! I had some shrinky dink material on hand so I simply followed her directions and made them these super cute "I love You" pins (That's I love you in sign language!)

I also participated in my friend Michelle's First Valentine Gift Exchange. It was great fun. I sent a box of Valentine goodies to Cali, including a little handmade picture holder with LOVE on the front and a quick Valentines card. Here is a quick view of the goodies I sent my girl Hope she loved them!
Next up is a little banner I made for our house. It was quick and easy, and I have it hanging on our Antique desk in the living room. Its a fun little touch!

I have also been working on birthday stuff, so here is a bag I did for my Mother in laws bday and a little dry erase board I made for one of my niece's.
 Fun stuff and easy, quick and not so costly!

Wow, I have been doing something besides homework :) Hope this week is a blessing for each of you and that the weather is nicer than it has been for all of you and us! :-) Now I am off to do some more homework. :/ hehe It will all be worth it though!



  1. It sounds like you are busy, Shelly, but at least you're still finding time to make things. Have a great week :D

  2. I find the busier I am the more I magically find time to make things and the tasks I need to get on with just magically disappear!!



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