Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little goodie holder

So for Christmas I did all handmade gifts for the family this year. My sister in law is super hard to create for, as she has everything and if not can go buy it!

But she is an amazing baker! So I decided she should have two, different size cupcake/goodies holders. I only have pictures of the tall one, as I was running crazy the last week and did not get the picture of the other one.  Their last name starts with a W, so hence the W in the center. I really think she loved it!!! and it cost me...less than $5 to make! :-)

Have a gorgeous Wednesday and 5th day of 2011....I am working hard on getting things organized and setup for school to restart on the 18th :-)

***EDIT*** To explain what I did...
The tall one is 2 dollar store candle holders (you know the little crystal looking glass ones for a dollar.) I glued them with E6000 (Small end to small end. Then I sprayed them with Krylon gloss black spray paint, then sealer...Then just added the little ruffle ribbon and bling after that was dry. The plate is a hard plastic plate I found at Target for a $1 each(I think you can find those at Walmart, Target, maybe even dollar store) It was scratched up so I coated it with a coat of Krylon glossy black (front and back) After that dried I used a W that is Vinyl placed it on there, then sprayed it really good with a sealer. After everything is dry you flip the plate and glue the large piece of the "stand" to the bottom of the plate. I used E6000 (Takes a good 24 hours to set each time...I am on the look out for a strong faster drying glass/metal/plastic glue) :-) Then the short one was the same, but just one of the little glass candle holders, spray painted.



  1. Wow, what a great idea! I have a sister-in-law like that :D

  2. I love this idea....I want to do this... What do you do, just buy the plain stands from...? - - Hobby Lobby....and then what is the W....? I need details! (and if you already gave the details before, I need them again because I was running crazy then too :P)

  3. Thank you Cassie! Michelle, I edited this post, but i also sent you an email with some pics too. :-)

  4. Another very clever idea chick!! I bet your sister loved this.


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