Friday, December 17, 2010

Feather Wreath and I am FEATURED! WOWZERS!

Good Friday Morning ladies!

Are you ready for this, next Friday is Christmas EVE!!!! WHOO HOO! I feel like a kids all over again! :-) I really love Christmas, the lights the smells and most of all the celebration of Jesus Christ birth. What better gift can anyone get? NONE, I promise you.

So today I am FEATURED on the Whipperberry girls website!!! I am EX TACTIC! They are an amazing bunch as I mentioned before, and that particular picture was HORRIBLE! :( I was in a hurry so I just snapped and posted with out editing or anything...goes to show me I need to slow down a bit! ;-) But I must say I am honored and proud!

Well today I am going to show you my Feather Wreath :-) I have admired these for a couple of years now, but really I a not paying $50 plus for a wreath (hey call me cheap...I am :-) So I decided to make one myself. I used a .97 Embroidery hoop, and a $8.99 Boa (with a 50% of coupon so it was $4.50) and wrapped it up:-) I then added a real soft pretty snowflake that came in a package of 6 at the dollar store, and there you have $6 feather wreath! I just love love love it so much. Now to figure out how to pack it at the end of season so it will be preserved for next year!

Well I am off to craft, clean and cook some more....LOVE IT!

Happy weekend!

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