Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sparkle Trees...

White Christmas Tree
Happy Thursday! Are you getting all ready for Christmas? I am...I think. A quote I saw somewhere (can't remember where) said "It looks like my house threw up Christmas." That description fits my house about right now All the villages are in place all the decorations are set up, now on to cleaning and cooking...and finishing up the actual center of the dinning table! whew!

Slight Green tint Christmas Tree

I have decided this year t go with a bright green, red, white and silver on the dinning table, we actually use it for all the desserts Christmas day. So TREES are my main decor on the table and around this year. I decided after seeing so many pretty Christmas trees everywhere, to make some of my own :-) So I took out the old beads that I used on my tree several years ago, a hot glue gun and some trees forms and WHA LA! Sparkling trees. With the green bases, the green shows through, which was perfect, with the white its bright white and the silver one is so very sparkly! :-) So if you have some extra beads these are super easy and can be used year after year!
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree

PS I also created some these beauties for my 3rd day of Christmas gift as mentioned in Yesterday's post. Really you need to go check out Whipperberry! Fun stuff!



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