Monday, April 27, 2009

Good evening all!

Hope today has been a bright one for each of you! :-) Me, well lets see, dark and rainy but bright inside my stamp room this afternoon. I worked at the church this morning, then came home and playing on the net, only to realize I had the WRONG date on one of my swaps!!! AHHHH!

This one is a LOTW swap for Spring/Easter words.
What that means is you create one letter in a word, then decorate it like you want, others choose other letters of the word, then everyone mails to the HOSTESS of the swap and she takes each letter, completes the word with each submitted letter and sends the word back to you. I have really gotten some gorgeous words. These are great for scrapbooks or to frame as a gift.

So the words I chose for this swap where "FLOWER", "PUDDLES" and "GARDEN". So here is my E for Flower, my U for Puddles and my D for Garden. When I get the sets back I will post again so you can see!

Enjoy your night...and check in tomorrow, because I am working on some more goodies! NIGHT!


  1. I still don't get what these LOTW are - the scrapbooking gig is not my thing - but they sure are cute...especially those Es!

  2. These are cute, looks like everyone will have fun receiving all different kinds of creations!
    Jodi =)


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