Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where is SASSY??? I am HERE!

Well, I figured I better do an update before everyone thinks I was just MIA! LOL I have had a busy busy last couple of months. My mother came to live with us, and we are still in the process of many many reinovations all at once! GRRRR. But the great news is, we got my craft room, floors in, painted walls, trim in and shelves up, so I am in the process of putting it back together...so you will see pictures very soon! :-)

I have one little goody for today...really must go...now have had an emergecy will be back later to finish this post! OOPS, sorry for the delay. The people I work for had an emergency, her husband was having CHEST pain because of some ant bites and he would not allow anyone to call the ambulance, so I had to go take him to the dr. turns out he is fine, but that was a scare.

OK, back to my post I have a little card I did for a fall swap on SCS, I realy like the way it turned out, that scarcrow is so stinking cute! :-)

Hope your Tuesday is great! Many Blessings


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  1. My mother lives with us as well. I actually had to give up my craft room for her to have a place, which has worked out perfectly. God is so good, that when I got to looking at my closet there was an outlet in there. Further investigation proved that my craft table fit in there PERFECTLY! So, now I have 1/3 of my closet reserved for my crafting. . .who needs clothes, right?!


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