Sunday, June 20, 2010

When "Daddy's" happy...we all eat good! ;-)

Well we are going to my Daddy's today, so dear hubby got his girts yesterday!

Let's just say we had some amazing steak last night! He is so excited to get his new grill, and he love love loved, the homemade salsa and his "tool box" of goodies. (I posted that picture last Monday)

I hope each of you remember to call those brothers, Fathers, son's and all the important great Dad's out there and tell them just what they mean to you! Mine is a jewel, and is a Fantastic Dad! Thank you honey! ;-)

Enjoy today! see you all tomorrow! ;-) (Be sure and check back its my day at CCS, as Guest designer for June!)

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  1. Shelly, this is such a fantastic gift! I'm sure you're gonna be eating some good stuff off of that beauty for a long time ;D


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