Friday, June 4, 2010

Bet you thought I went somehwere...HA Happy Friday!

Good morning gals!
Hope everyone is enjoy this Friday! Me, I am still scraping! My sister-in-law gave me a box of about 1000 pictures of my nephew, which where not even in any sort of order! UGH! PS, I got these two weeks ago, then got sick for a week....a HELLO! Graduation is TOMORROW! I started on both boys books on Monday, I have steadily been scrapbook ever since!

My other Nephews pictures where all digital, as they had not had him as his was a LITTLE easier, I did a digital book for him, still have to go back and embellish it as well, but it is not near as big! :0!

I also created these little "grad" caps as a favors, I will be filling them with candy for each of them.... I have been busy busy busy....I think I still have about 20 more pages to go, so I had better get back to work. they graduate at NOON tomorrow!

I am also sharing a picture of their sweet family here, so you can see who I am doing this for. This is my brother, his wife (my best friend), both their grads and their little girl! (when this is over I am starting on her album NOW!) LOL :-)

Have a super blessed weekend!!!



  1. WOW...busy girl!!! Love the favors and the books like GREAT!!!

  2. How awesome! You're an amazing Aunt to do this for them, and knowing your work they will be fabulous when all done. It sounds like you could use a little beach break, ;D

  3. What a great book and so great for you to do for him!


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