Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Its Wednesday morning!

Rise and SHINE! hehe! Good morning all. 

Well yesterday evening I played a little more. I worked on a card for a very good friend of mine at Church who is having a major hard time right now. I hope she likes it! I got to use another REALLy cool image from my BOB SS (I don't know who makes this stamp, plaese let me know if you do?). I love these!!! 

Today, I am planning on going over to visit this sweet couple (+70) that we have kinda adoted today. She is blind (sees shadows only), and he has COPD and is on hospice. He is going (a friend is taking him)  into to have some nerves burned in his back, she needs to go to the store, so I will go over and hang with her for a while. They are so sweet...

We took ds out of private school yesterday, we will homeschool the remainder of the year, then to a great new school that just opened, they have great opportunity for him there. So, he went to spend the week with his Grandpa (my Dad). Grandpa is not doing well, so he is going to work and help him out while Grandma is out of town. 

It will be a full and busy day, but good. We have AWANA tonight as well....WHEW!

Have a great HUMP day all!


  1. She'll love this card; most friends love handmade cards and the thought that is behind it. So nice of you to visit with that older couple and make them feel's a great feeling to do for others like that, isn't it? Have a great day!

  2. Good luck with homeschool. We are putting my dd into public high school next year because homeschool is just becoming a battle. I am hoping she will quickly hate it and we can get back to how homeschool use to be. :)

  3. cool image. I'm sure your friend will LOVE the card. Have an awesome day!


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