Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Night...WHEW!

GOOD EVENING! Well, today I was up and out early. 

Took DS to school, then they called me before I got out of the parking lot and said he could not stay, he had fever the last time at 11:00 am yesterday, but policy says he must be fever free 24 hours. WHAT I seriously have my 15 YO DS with me and I was planning on being at Archivers at 8:30 this morning. We live in the country, so NO WAY I could take him back home!! Needless to say he gripped the entire time! ARRR

Anyway, dropped some swaps off at the PO and then to the grocery. (all with a gruppy teen!) Back home, long enough to put up grocery then back out with DH who came home early because we are remodling ds Home Depot, then home FINALLY! 

I go to clean my craft room and get away from those two for a while and wHAT he wants me to help him shoot texture...Lordy BEE!!! Once he was finishing up,I made dinner...then to my craft room FINALLY to continue work on is a mess....but WAY better now. I will post pictures soon. Before and afters....

I did do some shopping for some very special SECRET people today...found some great stuff...All in all a good day, just did not get to craft like I tierd off to bed. I will post some fun stuff tomorrow FO SHOW! Nightie night!

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  1. LOL @ having to take your son to Archiver's with you; I suspect that was a little different than my trip there this morning with my 4-year old girl ;) Haaa...


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