Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hope Easter was a Celebration

Hello Fellow crafters!

I hope each of you had a great Easter Celebration! I have lots of things to show be ready!
First a few of the house decorations, my table and the Easter Tree.

I love the tree, as I always get a branch from the yard and spray it red (the blood of Jesus), then the eggs go on, (the new life of a hatched egg), butterflies (for the change from old to new ...caterpillar to butterfly). My table this year was very simple and clean, but very springy :-)! Light blues and yellows mostly.

I created each of the kids and their guests Easter pails.

Each had their own name tags, candy bouquet style pails with candies each stuck up on sticks. Also the 3 tags were for my niece's baskets for my sister in law.
They matched the colors of their baskets. All in all I got a lot of crafting done of the weekend, and used my Cricut TONS! Which was lots of fun!

As I said in my title, I hope each of you had a great time with family and friends and made Easter a true celebration. Happy Wednesday!


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