Monday, April 19, 2010

I got a real DEAL!

Good Morning!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I got to enjoy time spent with my Grandaughter, Kyla. It's been a while since we have gotten her, so her Daddy and I drove down and picked her up on Thursday. Though it was a long drive, it was so worth it. he is a gem!

While we were there, we ran by drug emporium to pick a RX, and low and behold, I found a great deal on these frames! $1.25 each!!! WOOOO. I picked up all 6 that they had, which was fantastic, because I have a swap on SCS I am in for some framed art. I had some frames, but was not really pleased with them.

The ONLY catch to these "cheapy" frames was that they all said GRADUATE! As I was looking at them, it was on the inside edge, so the mirror reflects the low and behold I decided that I could use ribbon to cover that up...and make a fantastic piece of framed there ya go! WaLa! A master piece is born! **giggle**
Hope you enjoy my little creations, excuse the pictures...try to photograph mirror is nearly impossible!

Have a blessed Monday!


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