Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello everyone,
Well I am really glad it is Friday and this week is coming to and end. This has been the week from hades!

Just a few examples, I pulled the water hose to hard and broke the hose bib thing off, (of course my dearest hubby is working out of town right now!), the 2 boys fixed that before church on Wednesday night, then we come home Wednesday night, and WOW! NO HOT WATER! :0

So we all worked on that till 2AM, with hubby on the no success. Hubby really believed it was the thermostat, so he would fix when he got home on Friday! :-) Well, well, guess what...We had to have a brand NEW one :-) OH YIPPEEE! See what I mean, and that is just a snap shot of the week, so I am glad hubby is home...and blessed to have hot water again!

I did get a little project completed this week, it has several parts, so the first one today is the tooth fairy pillow! My mother in law makes these and I so love them. It has a little pocket on back for the child to place a tooth in, then the tooth fairy to put the money in...adorable! So she made this one for my youngest son's boss (Dave in Chicago). I created many many things to go with it, so you will have to come back here tomorrow, to see more goodies! That I made **WINK WINK**

Have a great Friday evening!


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  1. These tooth pillows are adorable!! My son has something for the tooth fairy, but my daughter does not. Send me one? - - I'll send you some crafty goodness in exchange ;)


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