Friday, April 9, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!
Do you have big plans for the weekend? I plan on cleaning this house! ;-/ 
Well, here is the bag and little gift I promised from yesterday's post. Since our son turned 17...and he is quite the REBEL....I just had to use my "Dazzler" to make him some boxers with that on the hiney! hehe He turned really red when he opened them at the table last night at the cafe’! hehe Serves him RIGHT! 
As for the bag, I made it to match his card, it turned out pretty neat looking. 
We took him to a place in a little town called Round Top, Texas (Its between Austin and Houston) This place has AMAZING food, and they are known for their pies! If you are ever in Texas and want a great place to go, you must check it out! Royers Cafe in Round Top, Texas
Have a great weekend...


  1. Oooo I'll bet he did turn red, hehe! That is too funny, Shelly! I love your bag, and that place sounds yummy. Have fun cleaning the house this weekend. . .I'll be tackling my garage, boooooo ;D

  2. hey you showed up at your blog! - - glad I stopped by. LOL @ the boxers - that's hilarious. And I love that you made the bag too - those are just the funnest to make and give. Hope life is settling down for you...even with a 17 year old!


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