Saturday, March 21, 2009


So much has gone on this week. I have not even updated...its been CRAZY! My DS (15...16 on April7th) Has met some great people from all around the Country...with one major player in Chicago! This guys has done AMAZING stuff for him already!

DS is a very smart computer nerd...and has an above average IQ. He has really wowed lots of these guys who are major players in the Tech Industry! Long short of it, they are mentoring him and he will do great things one day!

He is getting opportunies now that adults could only hope for. Please keep him in prayer (and ME! and his Dad) Here are some pictures of some of the AWESOME things he recieved yesterday.

More later...and I WILL be showing some work from this week too....I so need a CRAFT day! LOL

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  1. Oh how neat for most things, it's all about who you know ;)


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