Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Happy Tuesday all. Well, this morning I worked on a couple of cards. One is for a fellow SCS'er who is not feeling well. Notice both are made with the same papers, cause when I get started I might as well use what is on my desk. I have to go to the PO here in a bit...and I have TONS to mail...good grief! I have a mirgrane (wondering if it was caused by sinus) and this dumb cough is hanging on...but other than that doing good. Hoping to go for a walk today if the headache gives in! I also bought some hand weights, 5LBS each...so maybe I will use those as I walk. Mrs. Dorothy (adopted Gma) made a comment about her arms being BAT WINGS the other day, and that got me thinking...I DO NOT WANT BAT WINGS! LOL
You all have a super day ladies!

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  1. LOL @ that sentiment with the truck...that's really cute. I'm with you - if it's still on my craft table, I use it again...may be lazy, but may also be smart to try and maximize use and not have waste...yeah...that. ;)


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