Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday...and Rest

Well, today has been somewhat slow. DH ate wayyyyy (Pancakes and syrup for breakfast, then within 3mins, about an hour later 7 candy peeps, and a carton of robin eggs!) to much candy yesterday and his blood sugar took a nose dive. He awoke this morning still sick to his stomach. So no Church for me, cause I needed to keep watch on him and make sure he was actually going to be OK. Very sad I was unable to go, I always enjoy Sunday. Oh well, I know the Lord understand goofy husbands who eat to much sugar!

As for me I have been cleaning on the craft cave and working on some cards for some special ladies in a swap I am in. The met their 10 loss goals (4 of them last week!) who hoo! So I created Aerobic Riley cards for them that say "Your a wonderful reason to celebrate." I have their little packages ready to go to the PO in the morning. I also made this other card for a special friend of mine. I love that scripture in Numbers.

Our Neice and Nephew-in-law came over today to get directions on taking care of the "poodles" and the baby calf while we are gone next weekend. We are taking DS to the coast for his 16th birthday. We usually take our poodles with us, but this time we are only going 2 days, so its just to rough for them and us for that short of time. Any who, here are pictures of their little boy with Copper (baby calf) too sweet. He just loved it!

You all have a restful Sunday evening!

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