Monday, March 2, 2009

Have a great Monday!

Hello my friends! Well, I would post all the fun things I worked on this weekend, but can't yet, cause most are for some Secret SISta's, and some of them check here :_)

I had a busy Weekend....we went to my dad's on Saturday (they live on a 3700 acre Ranch), and Moma M is having a little party on Tuesday with 20 ladies coming, so DS and DH worked on the yard, repaired a few things, while I cleaned and polished all the wood floors (that house is HUGE!), but it always feels good to do somethin for someone you love. My Dad is older (78) and not in good health and Moma M (she is my step-mom, but really a Mom to me) is 20 years younger, but works her tail off taking care of Dad and making sure these years are his best. So to give back to them is always so refreshing. 

Then yesterday, I worked in the stamp room all day!!! YEAH! Except Dh is still in the middle of remodeling that bathroom, so he was coming to "show" me stuff all day LOL! I will be glad when the bathroom is done, so DS can go back to his bathroom, teen boys are just nasty! LOL

I will post some stuff today, I promise, may be late though...running errands most of the morning.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Must be hard to have a ss that comes by your blog. I hadn't thought about that. I don't think I have that issue yet LOL.


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