Monday, July 20, 2009

Its a Monday...enjoy it

Hello everyone!

well Monday morning and things started off with a bang. Me and my teenager are going round as usual lately! GRRR. Anyway, it looks cloudy here today, please please please let it be rain! We really need it. At least a little to knock this dust out.

Today I am showing off a little bathroom stool I created for my granddaughter. Its so she can reach the sink to brush her teeth! :-) I purchased the little stool at Target in the dollar spot for $2.50...then I added a special touch to it. Hope you enjoy it and that your Monday is very productive.

Many Blessing to each of you!



  1. Oh now THAT is a great do you get things to stay on with Modge Podge or something? A really great personalize gift for a little one! Stay cool!!

  2. Very Cute. Can't believe it was only $2.50. That's my kind of bargain!


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