Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Hello

Good Saturday evening!

Hello everyone. We'll I am just WHOOPED! We have had so much this week I have been unable to check out all my favorite blog, cruise through my SCS threads, or even clean my house! I am not sure why this week has been just dang *CRAZY*.

I am looking forward to next week slowing down some so I can do the things I enjoy a little! ;-)! LOL

I wanted to share a card I made for the picnic swap I am in over on SCS. I showed you one last week, but I actually took two spots in this swap, so this is the second creation. A good friend of mine (thanks Jen) let me borrow the stamp...I also copied her color scheme on this card. (she showed me one she was doing and I LOVED IT!) It was a lot of fun and I think they turned out really cute.

I pray each of you really enjoy your Sunday. We are "running" once again to my dad's so we can get a couple of things that must be done before he has his shoulder surgery done, completed.

I hope each of you spends the day with those you love and they know just how important they are to you...if not TELL THEM! ;-)

PS DIGIMENTS is doing thier big release this weekend...go check it out. Michelle has some great stuff!

tata for now.


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