Monday, July 6, 2009

It's Monday! Have a Happy Day!

My editing software went haywire! and the picture below is terrible. So here is a much better one.

Good mid-morning!
We have CLOUDS today! We need rain soooo badly, hopefully it will start and rain all day long...Not many times you will hear me say that, but we really need it right now!

I stayed up late again last night creating some cards to match some flowers Momma (MIL) made for me. She is going to start selling these, and let me tell ya they are adorable!!! Anyway, I love the way this card turned out....I created from a Sketch over at Sweet & Sassy's Sketch blog The Sweet Shop! You ought to go visit them, they have some great stamps as well!

Hope Monday is fantastic for you....pray for rain.



  1. I love flowers is it two flowers or a double layer. I have patterns for double layer but don't like doing them. Love your card too.

  2. They are double layer flowers...she does such and amazing job...

  3. You've been busy - - look at all this!! I love your little crocheted flowers....I have some and don't think I've used them yet...a good reminder, thank you ;) And look at that 4th of July cake!! - - oh what fun, and I bet it was delish!
    BTW - I killed Fun-Frilled because of lack of participation....I gave it 6 months...people still were not commenting or playing along so I bagged it.... :(


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